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WCC 006 Simon Whistler

WCC 006 Simon Whistler

Simon Whistler is a YouTuber who hosts 2 popular YouTube channels. He makes content that aims to both educate and inform on TodayIFoundOut and TopTenzNet. He also recently launched a third channel which focuses on global politics. Further, he also hosts a bi-weekly podcast where he interviews leading indie authors about their journey to success. 

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Simon Whistler



Show Notes

  • I had a co-host for this episode, in the form of the woodchipper outside my apartment. It makes periodic appearances throughout the interview.
  • I’ve been on Simon’s Rocking Self Publishing Podcast twice, episodes 37 and 154.
  • He juggles multiple content-heavy projects by prioritizing his time carefully. After 150 or so RSP episodes he felt it was slowing down, and moved to a biweekly schedule.
  • His youtube channels were picking up, so he focused on them, and produces 14 episodes a week.
  • Building daily systems for himself keeps his workdays productive.
  • Bringing other people into your creative process helps distribute the weight as well.
  • Simon is always refining his process to be more effective and efficient.
  • Google Sheets are his taskmaster. Each month he uses a new sheet that tracks each video’s current production status.

Simon's Scheduling

  • I use Trello as a production schedule.
  • Simon started podcasting and YouTubing at about the same time. The podcast found a niche audience faster, but over time the YouTube channels have proven to have a broader potential audience.
  • YouTube is a more competitive place and it took longer to gain a foothold.
  • Standard advice often promotes finding a narrow niche over going broad, but if you break through as something broad the audience is far more vast.
  • As you gain exposure to and an understanding of your chosen discipline’s market, you get a feel for what “gaps” exist that you can fulfill for broad or niche topics.
  • Simon was having difficulty finding work with his law degree in London due to the shaky economy.
  • He found an opportunity through AIESEC to work with a grassroots organization in Sri Lanka, in their media department. While there he met his girlfriend.
  • He returned with her to what was then the Czech Republic, and is now Czechia.
  • He went to a meetup for the Tropical MBA podcast in Prauge, and was inspired by the connection between hard work and success. He gave up freelancing to focus on podcasting and youtube 12-14 hours a day.
  • People often avoid discussing how hard they work to achieve their successes.
  • The more content you can feed a consumer, the more they’ll come back. People binge.
  • Do what you can to get involved in the community of creators you can count on.
  • When you work really hard and pursue something you really like, good things will happen.
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