WCC018: Alyson Grauer (part 2)

WCC018: Alyson Grauer (part 2)

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Part 2 of our interview with actor, author, podcaster, and all around bard Alyson Grauer. You can listen to part 1 of her interview here.


Episode Notes

  • Understanding the fundamentals of story structure is vital to good RPG gamemastering.
  • This can be learned through examination of the media we consume.
  • Roleplaying games offer some of the purest immersive potential. This can help creatives learn to imbue their work with the same sort of quality.
  • Tabletop roleplaying has really expanded the diversity of its core audience
  • Warda is Drew and Alyson’s current big project. It grew out of an impromptu worldbuilding conversation held while waiting in line for Disney World’s Haunted Mansion.
  • Alyson was reluctant at first but the conversation grew and blossomed and turned into the project’s foundations.
  • Two months later they ran a Fate RPG set in Warda, recording its audio. Alyson planned to take notes and write it up as a book later.
  • The book wasn’t working, and James D’Amato from One Shot asked them if they’d be interested in doing livestream gaming on their Twitch channel.
  • They decided to start a new Warda campaign for the stream. They’d been streaming Curiosities every week since.
  • It blew up in a way that they never expected.
  • The audio from the Changes has been released as a podcast.
  • Interactivity has been key to Warda’s success, and is a powerful way to shape your creative efforts and engage with your fanbase.
  • Drew and Alyson are moving to Florida, and have spent October wrapping up Warda with Glimpses, an anthology with different stories that bridge Winds of Change and Curiosities.
  • Winds of Change will be released as a podcast when the patreon reaches the $300 milestone.
  • They plan to recruit a new cast for further Warda podcasts in Florida.
  • Final message: There’s no one way, no single right way, to do anything. Give yourself permission to break out of your box.

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