WCC 004 Bill Bullock

WCC 004 Bill Bullock

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Bill Bullock is a comedian. He is a comedian based in Chicago. That’s pretty much what you need to know about him, right? 


Show Notes

  • Bill compares the situation with his last day job to the movie Office Space. After finding an agent, he came to the understanding that he didn’t care about the job, and that brought him a degree of serenity.
  • He acquired an voice acting agent with NV Talent after a booking at the Laugh Factory; she was impressed with his performance and offered to represent him. He had contacted them seeking representation in the past, but did not get any response. He’s further certain that they were not in the club looking for him specifically. You have to be ready for those opportunities as they arise.
  • It’s important to stay healthy; it’s easy to fall into bad habits and neglect self-care. The creative community is rife with un-diagnosed mental health issues; everyone can benefit from therapy.
  • If you avoid help or medication because you feel it would dull your edge, that is your issue manifesting to work against you
  • Maintaining a dual life is incredibly stressful. “Yes you can” just quit, if  job is a means to an end and it’s making you crazy, you need to leave.
  • Realize how your mood affects everyone around you
  • The creative path is ill advised. Don’t do it if you don’t have to. It may not make you happy, but it may keep you sane.
  • Getting on stage and doing it isn’t bravery after the first time. After that it becomes a compulsion.
  • People don’t get the day to day nature of the creative career. They only see the result.
  • Open mic nights are not the same as professional comedy; go see a real show. Just google for shows in your area
  • His current show is Links Hall Presents: It’s Happening at the Constellation Theatre. He’s emceeing a variety show that offers a broad spectrum of entertainment. Admission is free, donations are appreciated. Check it out if you’re in Chicago.
  • There is room for all kinds of voices in standup. Don’t be a dick. You need to be sincere. You’re not going to find instant fame, and if you go in with realistic expectations you’ll be okay. Keep at it. Things will happen.
  • Bill has performed the roles of Parker in the Synesthesia Theatre adaptation of Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken, and multiple roles in the adaptation of Cold Reboot, which he also helped co-produce.

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