WCC 013: Gordon Dymowski

WCC 013: Gordon Dymowski

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Gordon Dymowski is a New Pulp writer whose work is published by Pro Se Productions, Airship 27 Productions, and Space Buggy Press. He’s also
a blogger for Chicago Now and I Hear of Sherlock, and runs the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup.



  • Gordon is a New Pulp writer. He has been featured in Legends of New Pulp, Tall Pulp, and Black Bat Mystery vol. 3
  • Pulp is turn of the century writing by authors such as Burroughs, Lovecraft, Howard, etc
  • It’s simple, direct, straightforward prose.
  • New Pulp approaches the same style but avoids problematic tropes
  • Media companies are hungry for intellectual properties suitable for tent-pole projects
  • Moving to longer works has allowed Gordon to grow as a writer.
  • Pulp forces the author to write efficiently.
  • Gordon does a lot of freelance copywriting and blogging, forcing him to keep to a regimented schedule.
  • Caring for a sick parent has also forced Gordon to be very flexible with his time.
  • Being aware of and understanding your priorities is key to balancing life and work and art.
  • Writing comics is fun but a different skill-set
  • The challenge lies in knowing how much information to give the artist and how much freedom to give them
  • There’s a point where hustling becomes hiding
  • Writers need to know what opportunities not to pursue, know their limits. You can only push yourself so far.
  • When trying to promote yourself, your first outreach shouldn’t be trying to sell your work. Build a relationship.
  • Engage, and every so often post a link to your work as an afterthought.
  • Author Sara Paretsky (@SaraParetsky) is an example of engagement done right. The key thing is to be genuine.

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