WCC 009 Lainie Petersen

WCC 009 Lainie Petersen

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Lainie Petersen is the bishop of a small, independent church and a full-time freelance writer and podcaster. She is a founding member of Hard Lens Media, a new media group based in the Chicago area. 


Show Notes

  • Lainie was one of the first guests I considered when conceptualizing the podcast.
  • She’s day job is as a web content development freelancer, largely blogging and news aggregation.
  • This day job allows her to pursue activities with her church and with Hard Lens media.
  • She just started a blog called Necessary Strivings.
  • Freelancers need to treat their day job as a business to develop skills and command higher rates.
  • Lainie has been building her freelancing career since 2010.
  • Creative professionals must accept their situations to get out of their predicaments.
  • Your day job, if managed correctly, can be your liberation.
  • You have skills that someone is willing to pay you for, and this is a noble thing.
  • Being an employee does not train you to be a business owner.
  • It’s up to you to take it upon yourself to improve your skills.
  • Understanding and aligning yourself with economic reality is important. You can have all the skills in the world but if no one is willing to pay you for them, you will be struggling.
  • Set your goals, and don’t feel like a sell out for trying to stay alive.
  • When we set our rates we need to build into them everything we need to run our businesses effectively.
  • Coursera is an excellent resource for freelancers looking to educate themselves.
  • Respect your own schedule because nobody else will. Don’t answer family and friends who text or message you during your work time. Protect it. Teach them to respect your work.
  • Demand respect for your body’s limitations and wear and tear when setting your prices and deadlines.
  • Prior to the ACA the way insurance worked made it very difficult for the self-employed to start their own businesses. How Healthcare develops in the US will have an enormous effect on freelancers.
  • Guaranteed Basic Income works, but is far off because of the politics of cruelty.
  • Hard Lens Media are a group of people with backgrounds in media reporting on news from an independent perspective
  • Have faith in your ability to grow and improve and change.

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