WCC 005 Paul Sating

WCC 005 Paul Sating

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Paul Sating is the creative force behind no-less than 4 audio dramas, including Subject: Found, Diary of a Madman, Atheist Apocalypse and a new one on the horizon, Family Portrait. An aspiring writer since he was 8 years old, Paul has a number of short stories he’s self-published and he’s also putting the finishing touches on his first novel.

Paul Sating


Show Notes

  • One of the auidodrama’s draws is the creative collaboration and supportive community.
  • Paul started out without knowing anything, and hearing problems from his time in the military.
  • The barrier for entry in audiodrama is very low with the tools and support available.
  • Subject: Found was born from Paul’s interest in American Horror Story’s structure, which helps it stay fresh in with his tendency to get bored with long-term projects.
  • Bigfoot happens to be the story’s hook, but it’s ultimately character-driven. Future seasons will focus on different monsters.
  • The beauty of storytelling is that two authors can take the same basic story and write entirely different stories.
  • Writing is a tough job, but ultimately satisfying.
  • Paul went years without writing anything while in the military.
  • We do a disservice to ourselves as writers by not talking about the business realities. Paul wishes someone had told himself at 18 that he didn’t have to pursue the obligations he is now divesting himself from.
  • Discipline and dedication allow Paul to be a writer, father, etc. while running multiple audiodrama production.
  • Most creative professionals are accessible if you need advice or assistance. Learn from them. They tend to be friendly and approachable. Find these communities.
  • The Audiodrama Production Podcast and its Facebook community are endlessly useful.
  • Atheist Apocalypse is a satirical podcast that was Paul’s first; he learned a lot about what not to do in audio drama. It’s a little exhausting to stay abreast of current events and news, and this limits its shelf-life.
  • Diary of a Madman was developed as something Paul could handle entirely on his own without feeling overwhelmed. The concept was 3-5 minute diary entries to teach himself production. It gets very polarized reactions; it’s either loved or hated.
  • As a creative, being able to reach people on an emotional level is so cool.
  • We allow ourselves to be vulnerable when we share our art, because we are sharing a part of ourselves. Waking up to a good reaction on social media is the best way to start your day.
  • Paul is working on a novel that’s a spin off to Atheist Apocalypse. He loves being able to create associated products from his work. It’s a horror prequel to the story.
  • His recommendation is to only have one Patreon even if you have multiple shows.
  • If you have questions, Paul would love to hear from you, so reach out.

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