WCC 012: Robert Cudmore

WCC 012: Robert Cudmore

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Robert Cudmore is a radio lecturer who specialises in audio drama. Formerly one half of the Audio Drama Production Podcast team with Matthew McLean, they recently handed the reins over to Fiona Thraille and Sarah Golding. He’s starred in several Audio Dramas including Edict Zero, Hadron Gospel Hour, The Shadow of Lavenhan, and The Fiona Potts Interview. He’s also the main character, podcaster Lee Powers, in `A Scottish Podcast.`


Show Notes

  • For the first few years he was writing and acting, but for the last few years he’s been mostly acting. Acting is easier, but he missing the writing
  • Robert has a degree in radio, which helps him with the production side. His day job is that of a lecturer.
  • He co-wrote Aftermath with former guest Matthew McLean inspired by their mutual love of the game Fallout 3 and the audiodrama We’re Alive
  • There’s nothing wrong with fanfiction, but it’s not conducive to the growth of the medium.
  • Audiodrama has seen explosive growth in the last 3-4 years. Robert attributes this to the technology
  • The older generation doesn’t really know about podcasting
  • Podcasting and modular content are the future
  • More large companies are getting wise to content marketing and putting out audio drama
  • To succeed monitarily, follow the rules of seriality and familiarity. Build a series, put out episodes regularly, build an audience.
  • The Audio Drama Production Podcast was made to pass along information as Robert and Matthew learned it.
  • Robert is a vocalist in a cover band on the side
  • Professional competency is a pyramid as you grow in skill and opportunities become more limited. Persistence gives a remarkable edge.
  • He attributes his success in part to the support of his wife’s full time career.
  • There are no permanent jobs in commercial radio.
  • Matthew wrote the first season of A Scottish Podcast, and Robert will be more involved with the writing of season 2.
  • People fall in love with characters.

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