WCC 016: System Mastery (part 2)

WCC 016: System Mastery (part 2)

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Part 2 of our interview with Jon and Jef, the hosts of System Mastery. Listen to Part 1.


  • When picking games to evaluate, Jef and Jon look for unique games with something fresh to discuss, regardless of actual quality. Strange is better than ‘good’ or ‘bad.’
  • Ambitious moves whether or not they work.
  • Disconnects in thought between intention and implementation gives them a lot to talk about.
  • One of Jef’s favorites is when designers inject a lot of their own personal opinions inappropriately.
  • Kevin Siembieda, creator of Rifts, is a sweet dude and fun to talk to.
  • Jon has so many opinions on Herbert Hoover.
  • Their next patreon goal will move Expounded Universe to a weekly show.
  • Jon and Jef have been working with the author of Strike! to develop the Blimpleggers rpg.
  • They are working with James D’Amato on a game where you build the rules as you go.
  • They’d also like to grow the house brand with a few more San Diego nerd podcasts produced by other people.
  • They’d like to do video content, but there are significant logistical obstacles to surmount.
  • The ultimate goal of any podcast is to have a pig butler, and System Mastery is no different.
  • Advice: Don’t go into podcasting with any kind of monetary goal.
  • Go into podcasting to produce quality content, and allow people to support you if they wish. Do it for the love of doing it.
  • Find the community that wants what you’ve got.
  • There’s a lot of luck involved.
  • One of the weirdest things to Jef is that people now consider them experts.

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